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The Agility Advantage

Learn to move with speed, agility, and efficiency on the court using the same training drills embraced by tennis champions. The Agility Advantage will improve your footwork by teaching you court-tested techniques for better movement during all parts of your tennis game including serves, volleys, and recovery from wide shots. World-renown sports movement & fitness trainer Pat Etcheberry shares 20 progressive drills based upon his extensive experience training players from beginners to grand slam tournament winners. Let Pat show you how to use specific drills to develop targeted areas of critical movement skills. Whether you are a player, a coach, or an instructor, The Agility Advantage is full of tips and secrets to build speed and control. Bring The Agility Advantage to your tennis fitness training routine and gain the Etcheberry Edge!





  • 20 drills and exercises
  • Court-tested techniques
  • Demonstrations of proper form
  • Ways to improve your footwork
  • Progressions for a continued challenge
  • Pat's tips and secrets


  • Language: English
  • Region: Region-Free (This DVD will play in all countries)
  • Format: DVD, Color, Fullscreen, NTSC
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Run Time: approx. 45 minutes

List of Scenes

  1. First Step Technique
  2. First Step with Band Resistance
  3. Forehand Footwork with Racket
  4. Forehand Footwork without Racket
  5. Backhand Footwork with Racket
  6. Backhand Footwork without Racket
  7. Serve Footwork
  8. Serve Footwork Resisted
  9. Seated Forehand / Backhand Move Forward Drill
  10. Recovery Technique
  11. Inside-out Forehand
  12. Zigzag Volley Drill
  13. Return of Service Drill
  14. Volley to Overhead Reaction Drill
  15. Baseline FH / BH to Approach Shot / Volley / Volley
  16. Figure 8 FH / BH
  17. 3-cone Fh / BH
  18. Creating Separation
  19. Forehand with Steps
  20. Backhand with Steps


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