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Coaches DVD 1 Secrets to a Successful Start

Secrets to a Successful Start DVD, Coaches' Edition (1)

As a coach, you're always looking to help make your players better. With this DVD, Pat will show you how to evaluate what kind of condition your players are in, and how they compare to other players. With 27 warm-up exercises and cross-training drills for you to work on with your players, and insights from pros to help you, you'll be bringing your players' games to the next level.



  • English/Spanish Audio-tracks
  • 12 Warm-Up Exercises
  • 15 Cross-Training drills
  • 3 Self Tests
  • 3 Comparison Charts
  • 6 Motivational Insights from Pros
  • A proper workout regime
  • QuicKlick Menu for easy access to drills
  • Teamwork: A top priority
  • Short & Sweet: Getting the most out of your players


  • Languages: English, Español
  • Region: Region-Free (This DVD will play in all countries)
  • Format: DVD, Color, Fullscreen, NTSC
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Run Time: 58:47 minutes

List of Scenes

  • Opening
  • Jim Courier's Motivational Insight
  • Justine Henin's Motivational Insight
  • Warm-Up Drills
  • Self Test #1:
  • Self Test #2:
  • Self Test #3:
  • 1st Step Drill: Approach
  • 1st Step Drill: Recovery
  • The Training Program
  • Craig Boynton's Motivational Insight
  • Dots Drill
  • Box Drill & Step-Up Drill
  • Carlos Rodriguez's Motivational Insight
  • 4-Cones Drill
  • 3-Cones & 2-Cones Drills
  • Justine Henin's Motivational Insight
  • Band Drill
  • Tennis Ball Catch Drill
  • Mardy Fish's Motivational Insight
  • Conditioning Clinic for Coaches & Trainers:
  • Teamwork: A Top Priority
  • “Short & Sweet”: Getting the most out of your players
  • Series Promotion
  • “Personalized Etcheberry Experience” Promotion

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