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Coaches DVD 2 Movement on the Court

Movement on the Court DVD, Coaches' Edition (2)

Could your players be quicker on the court? Pat, Justine Henin, and Jim Courier show you how to make your players smarter, quicker, and stronger for future matches. Not only do they show you drills that have helped them, they also give you advice and insights into making your players’ game better. Pat also conducts an exclusive Coaches’ Clinic for even more important information!



  • English/Spanish Audio-tracks
  • Over 15 movement drills
  • 8 Motivational Insights from Pros
  • “First Step” drill, the secret to success
  • Reducing your risk of injury
  • Cardiovascular drills for clearer on-court thinking
  • Conditioning for Confidence
  • QuicKlick Menu for easy access to drills
  • Exclusive 16-minute Coaches Clinic


  • Languages: English, Español
  • Region: Region-Free (This DVD will play in all countries)
  • Format: DVD, Color, Fullscreen, NTSC
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Run Time: 1:07:22 minutes

List of Scenes

  • Opening
  • Jim Courier’s Motivational Insight
  • Justine Henin’s Motivational Insight
  • One Step Open & Closed Drills
  • Justine Henin’s Motivational Insight
  • Inside-Out Forehand & Backhand Drills
  • Jim Courier’s Motivational Insight
  • Forehand & Backhand Drills
  • 2-Cones Forehand & Backhand Drills
  • Mardy Fish’s Motivational Insight
  • Zigzag Drills:
  • Ground Strokes
  • Low Volley
  • Straight Ahead Volley
  • Alvaro Betancur’s Motivational Insight
  • Open Stance Forehand & Backhand Drills
  • Return of Service Drill
  • Jim Courier’s Motivational Insight
  • Forehand Approach Drill
  • Volley Overhead Drill
  • Ball At Feet Drill
  • Craig Boynton’s Motivational Insight
  • On-Court Conditioning Clinic for Coaches & Trainers
  • Series Promotion
  • “Personalized Etcheberry Experience” Promotion

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