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Etch swing

The ETCH-Swing is a very nice addition to anyone's conditioning arsenal.

Brad Gilbert

ETCH-Swing is great to use for tennis strength training, whether you’re working on your serve, forehand or backhand.

ETCH-Swing allows coaches to simultaneously combine a variety of elements of a technical practice such as footwork and stroke with a strengthening workout for more efficient and effective use of time and effort.

ETCH-Swing uses your own body weight and wind resistance from your swing, so it is safer and requires no additional weights.


ETCH-Swing has four blades on it which help build resistance when hitting tennis strokes. As you accelerate through the shot, ETCH-Swing creates a stronger resistance than you get using a normal racquet, even one with a weight attached.

I can tell in my matches that working with my

ETCH-Swing has been a huge help with my upper body strength. And it lets me combine my technical and my conditioning workouts to save time.
Jelena Jankovic - ranking #1 2008

ETCH-Swing works on sport-specific strength training by mimicking specific movements while introducing greater resistance, making your normal racquet feel much lighter and easier to use after training.


A significant factor in training with ETCH-Swing, and one that addresses a growing concern in the sport of tennis, is that it helps prevent injuries. How? As ETCH-Swing accelerates and decelerates, the wind slows it down after the stroke, not your shoulder, thus reducing the stress on your shoulder and arm. Other weight equipment currently in the marketplace can actually contribute to injury by placing too much pressure on vulnerable parts of the body.

Pat about Pat about the ETCH-Swing.
Jankovic etch swing Watch as players and coaches react to using the ETCH-Swing for the 1st time.


ETCH-Swing is also a great way to assist in rehabbing from injuries by reducing the force and stress being placed on recovering muscles.


ETCH-Swing is highly portable, light and easy to assemble & dismantle, so you can take it on the road to tournaments to maintain your training regimen.


Because ETCH-Swing uses your own body weight and swing resistance to strengthen muscles, it can help players of all ages and skill levels - professionals, juniors and recreational players alike, and their coaches and trainers - take their game to the next level.


Pat has developed a series of drills exclusively for ETCH-Swing to maximize your strength gains specific to success in tennis.


Save as much as 17% when you purchase more than one ETCH-Swing.

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Logo apc An independent study conducted on the effects of training with the ETCH-Swing showed