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I worked with Etch, or should I say Etch worked on me, at different times throughout my career as a professional tennis player. I would sometimes go off and work with other strength trainers, but they all paled in comparison with Etch. Etch pushed you to your max, he pushed you to your breaking point and beyond! I remember one time at the French Open in Paris. He had me sprinting on a treadmill, and he kept increasing the speed and the elevation until I was sure I was going to collapse and grind my face off. Well, just as I was about to start to cry and my legs give way, he slowed it down and lowered it. He knew my threshold of pain and my capabilities better than I knew them myself. He's the best in the business, in my opinion.

Ken Flach, 6-Time Grand Slam Doubles Champion

I liked training with Pat Etcheberry because the 1st thing he did is figure out what my short term and long term goals are. Then he developed a unique program just for me to accomplish those goals. After I trained with him he not only made me physically stronger but helped me mentally so that now I can concentrate in my race car better than I ever have before. And at 220 mph in my race car, concentration is very important! I recommend this training program to anybody of all ages.

Al Unser, 2-Time Indy 500 Champion

If you want to get to the top at the pro level or your local club or school, or simply improve your game, Pat Etcheberry's DVD series Strength & Conditioning for Serious Tennis can help take you there. The series is packed with useful information.

Jim Martz, Publisher-Editor, Florida Tennis magazine

I recently purchased the Coaches Edition and like it very much. I have a ten year old son who takes lessons. In order to help him, I got certified as a tennis coach and hit with him. I was very worried about the conditioning, and now I'm relieved to have gotten access to your tapes.

Subhen Bose, Albany, NY

The DVDs are really superb. Just watching them I felt pumped up. I would say the Etcheberry Experience is electric. You're electric, Pat.

Amark Hosla, New Delhi, India

These DVDs are very good. The instruction is very specific and clear. Why not expose this product through Tennis Magazine?

Connie Goodman, Westport, CT

I'm from Argentina. Congratulations! Your DVD series is fantastic. As a tennis coach it is very useful information that you share with us. Great!

Dan Spatz, Tennis Director, Westside Tennis Club, Spartanburg, SC

I bought the players package, and have been working my way through them: they certainly live up to expectations.

Catriona May, London, England

I ordered the Coaches' Package recently, and it has been a tremendous help with my team.

Asi Phillips, Head Coach, Women's Tennis, Long Island University

I am currently reviewing the DVDs, which are really interesting and make you eager to run on the court yourself.

Marcel Crok, Writer, Tennis & Coach Magazine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pushing the envelope and being a leader, I think that a lot of people in tennis were forced to accept this was the way they were going to have to train as well to stay along for the ride, because you just can’t get away with hitting tennis balls, you have to be a total athlete, and you’ve helped so many of us develop that full range of our athleticism and that’s been a real change and something that everyone on tour has had to respect.