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EMR Fitness Training, LLC

IRS Entity #26-1972429 PA Entity #3786514

The Etcheberry Group, LLC, was formed in 2005 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the goal of making the highly successful strength and conditioning techniques of the legendary trainer Pat Etcheberry available to a larger audience of serious athletes of all ages to help them realize their athletic potential and take their game to the next level. EMR Fitness Training, LLC, a PA-based company formed in 2008, acquired all assets and liabilities of the former Etcheberry Group, LLC, effective 30 April 2008.

The following serves as public notice that no individual, group, business or association is authorized to use the names Etcheberry®, Etcheberry Experience®, Etcheberry Certified®, ETCH-Swing®, or any other current or future copyrights, trademarks or other legally owned properties of EMR Fitness Training, LLC, in any fashion, design or format without the express prior written consent of EMR Fitness Training, LLC. Violators, whether knowingly or not, will be subject to our full enforcement with every remedy available under the law.