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Fitness Edge DVD's


FITNESS EDGE a new Video series from Etcheberry!

Etcheberry is expanding its library of signature high-quality fitness DVDs.

We are producing new videos, which reflect our customers requests for fitness training content from the master himself.

Videos will address exercise, movement, technique and health to achieve fitness in a multitude of sports, which include not only tennis, but golf and other sports.

These videos are for players of varying ages and abilities. One of our first releases will be for kids ages 5 to 10. We want to provide a fitness foundation for kids to get them started along the right path to good form, good health and injury prevention. - learning hand-eye coordination, balance, and health for sports. Based upon Pat’s experience in training champions, we’ve developed a list of games and exercises to get your kids up and moving onward to be champions in whatever sports they love.

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Fitness Edge Edition
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