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Giancarlo Andreani

Etcheberry Certified since November 2006

Giancarlo Andreani is a Northern California teaching pro, coach, and competitive player. A native of Switzerland, he fell in love with tennis at the age of 6, and modeled his game based on his study of the great Andre Agassi. In addition to holding a Swiss national ranking, Giancarlo is the former #1 college player at Dominican University in San Rafael. California. He has also been ranked numerous times in the Northern California Men's Open division. As a video editor at Tennisplayer, he has been instrumental in the creation of the Stroke Archive. He has also provided direct input to all areas of the site from the perspective of a serious player and passionate student of the game.

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Giancarlo Andreani


Giancarlo Andreani
San Rafael, CA, United States

CALL (415) 499 0433